My UN-graduation: No excuses!!

“In fact, if you know the right thing to do and don't do it, that, for you, is evil”. James 4:17
(The Message)

In my "first try" English writing in the blog titled “What is your excuse?” I told you about my degree “Master in Excusology” but I did not mention the universities that daily grant millions of the same with the sole purpose to impede us from obtaining the True Diploma; those universities are:

-          UF: University of the Flesh  
-          UH: University of Hell
-          UW: University of World

The True Diploma is conferred by the UK: University of the Kingdom which grants the degree “Master on Surrender”, among which courses you may find “Brokenness 101”, “Brokenness 102”, “Brokenness 103”, and many others.

As day pass the Lord has made understand that going to “She Speaks” has been my UN-graduation (returning my certificate) of my “Master on Excusology” as the Sovereign Master and Rector designed a curriculum during the previous months in order to bring me to a “No Excuses” scenario.

The first course in which He registered me was the “She Speaks” Facebook group; as I read some of the prayers requests or circumstances that the sisters were going through such as chemotherapy, relatives decease, illnesses of children,  funds raising; and then He started to work in my fears (such as flying) and my insecurities (“you don’t have what is required”, “you are coming from a Caribbean Island that not many know where it is placed”,  “you don’t speak the language”).

Even though I have made my reservation, I did not “dare” to pay until the last minute…just in case; I contacted several times a travel agency of a sister but I did not follow up the emails; also I was waiting since February for “some payment” to arrive; thus, I never decided to confirm the purchase of the air ticket. 

As I read the prayer requests in “She Speaks” FB group I thought about my excuses (as if listening to Apostle Paul telling me “you don’t have an excuse!!”); those words hammered my mind even more when my air ticket was fully provided through someone who listened to me talking about that “some payment”  has not arrived.

Then…when I was feeling without “excuses”… valid excuses DID arrive but at that moment He gave me courage to continue regardless that I was against time to prepare the proposal…in English language not my own… news started to arrive on family conflicts rendering me unfocused; from one side, eventual judicial actions from the other side, disease diagnosis; and, of course, my insecurities mounted up again and again “you do not deserve to be there”, “you are going to be ashamed”.

In the middle of the storm, I just wanted to quit…I was confused thinking “The Lord does not want me to go to She Speaks”…; nevertheless, beyond me, He continued to push me to prepare the proposal; focusing in the verse “sufficient for the day is its own trouble”; it was like experiencing -in a positive manner- what the apostle Paul said in Romans 6 “what I do not want to do, that I do”.

A little whisper (deep in my heart) reminded me that certainly I did not deserve to be there, I did not have what it takes,…but if I was going to be at the conference was solely and exclusively because of His Grace as the Spanish Christian song “God of Covenants” says: “…because of Your Grace I am here…”; for the Glory of God that sweet little voice triumphed over the noisy megaphone calling me to quit.

Tired, drained, with very few hours of sleep in the last days…I arrived to She Speaks…after two flights and more than 12 hours of having left home. Deep in my heart there was an assured expectation that I was going to have a fresh encounter with the Lover of my soul to hand over my certificate on “Master on Excusology” and just tell Him “Here I am, may Your Will be done”.

Maybe you ask yourself how are my insecurities related to pride since I mentioned that most of the courses in “Master on Surrender” correspond to “brokenness”…well I learned from “my cousin” Beth Moore in “Living Free” that the opposite to pride is humbleness not self-low esteem or insecurities because the source of the latter may be precisely having a proud heart.

Which is the surrendering step that He may be calling you to take? At home? With your husband? Your children? Give up on all excuses so that He may give you understanding that each of them are a new opportunity to seeing Him work in ways that you have never thought.

Let’s celebrate together our UN-graduation day from “Master on Excusology”!! Bring that certificate upon His Feet!

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Lisa Winters dijo...

Amen again my Sister! This morning I was praying, asking God to lead me like a child. I want to grasp His hand and follow wherever He goes, having faith like a child. If He walks me through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear because I have grasped His hand. (Much easier said than done, but that is my prayer!) I am going for my Masters in Surrender too! :)

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