What is your excuse?

Luke 14:18-19: “But they all alike began to make excuses. …Please have me excused…”

I have been writing for several years now in this blog and never thought I would be writing in English. But I went to She Speaks 2012 and met so sweet beautiful sisters in Christ, English speakers who are now my facebook friends and thought about writing in English to share with them what the Lord has been doing in my life before, while and after that blessing of a conference. 

That said. I will translate the first post on that topic. Please be gracious with my grammar and I ask the Father to communicate the true meaning of these words written by a native Spanish speaker who just want to communicate His Mercies and His Work.  I do appreciate comments on grammar or anything else that may improve the communication of His Message.

There is a very famous saying (at least in Spanish language) which goes “since excuses were made up, no one fails before others”; when were excuses invented?  In Eden’s Garden: when both Adam and Eve excuse themselves before God on their own responsibility.

Since then, human race -to which you and I are privileged to belong to- has not stopped from making excuses trying to convince themselves, others…and even God.  

Therefore, we spent our days, weeks, months and years going from an excuse to the other, just trying to justify ourselves, simply as Adam and Eve did; excuses run through our veins, they are part of our sinful DNA.

Excuses are as diversed as creation itself; they can vary from making excuses to not believe in God, to which He answers through Romans 1:20 that “we have no excuse” because creation reveals God; they may also appear in the form of judgment against other’s sins while we are doing the same, but again God tells us in Romans 2:1 that said judgment is precisely the evidence of “not having excuse” of our own sin. 

Similarly, we make up excuses when receiving His Calling –either or salvation or service-. Jesus told a parable on the people invited to a great banquet (representing the Kingdom installed with His First Coming and that to be installed with His Second Coming), all of the invitees made up excuses for not attending to the same (Luke 14:18-19); the common denominator were earthly possessions or occupations.

How many times I have been (or even I am still) seated in one of the “excuse benches”? To be honest, I think I have made a “Master on Excusology” in different stages of my life; and I am sure that each reader of this post, has made their own “excuses” courses, diplomas, training, post-graduate or even, masters as myself.

God willing I will share some of the learning from She Speaks 2012, a Christian conference for women which I was blessed to finally attend  after years of having made up excuses and how the Lord fought against the multiple excuses that came to my mind and heart for attending this year. To Him be the Glory!!

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father drove me there regardless of myself and the multitude of excuses that were assuring me that I should not attend because I did not deserve to; that it all was due to “crazy thoughts or hallucinations or inflated ego that I was having”.

In your case, what have been the main excuses you have presented before the Lord when being invited by Him to participate in His Work, to receive His Blessings for your life? Truly I would like to listen to them and to share them with others.
You can write to isabelsalmos37.5@gmail.com

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Tara Sloan dijo...

Blessings to you Isabel! You are a gem in the Kingdom! No excuses... I like that message! Much love!

Anónimo dijo...

My excuses sound something like...
"I don't know what to write about" or
"I'm getting too old..." or
"I need to make money rather than write for free..." or
"I'm too busy..." or "too shy" or...

Haha, I can think of more! But God invites me to share and speak and partner with him. And so...NO MORE EXCUSES!

Lisa Winters dijo...

I enjoyed meeting you at She Speaks and I am so glad you attended! And I love the blog post above! God has gifted you with the ability to communicate and to teach His word. You have a sweet spirit and I know God will use you in a mighty way.

My excuses - "I don't have a story people can relate to"
"I like my privacy"
"I don't look like a speaker - don't paint my nails, don't wear nice clothes, don't wear lots of jewelry"
Thank you for your post!!

Anónimo dijo...

My sweet sister,
God bless you! I'm so proud of your for doing this. You have blessed me so many times sharing in Spanish and now the doors are opening for you to bless even more people.

My excuse:
"I've tried so hard before, it doesn't matter any more."

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