Getting focused…stop ignoring His Voice…

“But my eyes are fixed on You, Sovereign Lord; in You I take refuge”
Psalm 141:8ª (NIV)
 As I shared before in another post, the arrival night when I was asked on reasons why I went to She Speaks, I answered that I needed to focus; then, you may understand how I rejoiced when I went into the devotional time on Friday morning titled “Staying encouraged in the midst of discouragement” in which the speaker invited us to focus in Him (to fix our eyes in HIM!!) in the middle of any circumstances that may arise when we are serving Him as it is the only way that we can keep encouraged to move on.

As she continued with the devotional, Betty Shoopman painted the image in the top of this post. Afterwards, I went to the first workshop where we were reminded to stop “ignoring God’s Voice” calling us to share His Message; to keep in mind that “He does not call the equipped but that rather He equips those He calls”.
The key question is not “how to do it?” but “Has He called me?”; she shared how the Lord confirmed her calling and she thought to herself “I am not crazy!!”… it gave me hope to say the same to myself in the future.
She also invited us to ask us “why do I want to do it?  And to be aware of the sacrifice and price that we have to pay to serve Him. To be sure that we are doing what He has called us to do; regardless that there may be many doing the same thing as particularly each of us, will only be capable of doing it as He wants us to do His Work, as individuals.
Some of her recommendations: a) to have someone that can serve as mentor; another person who is running the same career with us; and, someone whom we can encourage and share what we have learned –as Little as it may be-; b) to be careful of trying to be so humble that we ignore His Voice –His call will always exceed us-.
Are you feeling unfocused? What are your main distractions? Have you ignore His Voice? How?  Are you afraid to attend His Calling to your life?
Fix your eyes on Him, not on the circumstances, not on yourself and your limitations…pay attention to His Voice and follow Him looking unto Jesus, not your goal.

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