What am I doing here?

Who am I that I should go to…?” Exodus 3:11

Human beings are so complex. One might have thought that after overcoming many obstacles and seeing God’s intervention with His Provision, facing 2 giants (airplanes) once in the conference I would have been crying out loud “I am here!”… instead, mostly one question came to my mind “what am I doing here?” “I know no one here”.

The first group I met was in the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. They shared how the Lord was working in their lives to start a women’s ministry in their church. Inmediately, I suggested some books on the topic, but to my surprise they did not know the authors (among which, it was “my cousin”); thanks God I did not happen to see my “amazed face” that they did not know “my cousin”. The Lord started to work something hidden in my heart as Psalm 19:12 states.

At the dinner in the arrival night, I met some sisters; one of the topics we shared was adoption (as some of them have adopted kids) for my surprise it arose during the whole conference. That issue was in my mind because some couple of weeks ago someone asked me to discuss it in the blog from a biblical perspective.

Among conversations, someone asked me the reason to be in the conference; my answer? To be focused; since I have been distracted in many things.

When going to bed –very tired- again the same question came to my mind “what am I doing here?” the next day as I woke up “kind of lost” I reminded myself where I was; and, again, the question arose. Have you ever had such uncertainty feeling? Have you dare to ask the Lord: what am I doing here?

In those moments, we would like a signal from heaven to clear up our mind; but as it happened with Moses in Exodus 3:11-12 when asking the Lord “who am I to do Your work?”, His Answer was “I will be with you..” and the signal will be shown once we do His Work…it will not come from heaven…but from a worshipper and grateful heart because He has fulfilled His Promise of His Presence with us.

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