His Song...in your heart

Meditating in the first two messages received during the morning (focusing in Him and not ignoring His Voice) I went promptly to the following workshops where we were motivated to pay attention to the song (message) in He has placed in our hearts –through experiences, what we feel most attracted to read, to do- and, we were invited to practice by personalizing Psalm 23 (to find our own voice); herein below  I share the song He placed in my heart:
In my God I have a Shepherd Who provide for all my needs

From a fresh rest through correcting my steps

His Companionship in difficult trials takes away all my fears

He encourages  me to persevere

Not only does He protect me from my enemies

But He assures before them that He defends me

He fills me with complete satisfaction

And cleanse my thoughts

Because of Him I don’t fear the future

For He will be with me until the end

That exercise reminded me when I read the book Stepping Up: A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent by “my cousin” Beth Moore where she invited us at the end of each chapter to write our own version of the psalm studied.

Afterwards I visited the “Prayer room” a quiet place prepared for us, which has been announced in e-mails where we would find our names placed with one of God’s Names; there was expectation to visit the place.
My experience was kind of comic; since I went through all of His Names but I could not find mine…one after the other…NOTHING!! …I turned a little disappointed and thought that maybe because of my “almost late confirmation” they did not have time to include me. But then I tried again, and zas!!! I found myself with “ELOHIM” the God Creator…His first name in the Bible. The verses related to it, were Genesis 1:1-3, Deuteronomy 10:17; Psalm 68 y Mark 13:19.  I stayed there for a while talking with my Good Father “Who created the heavens and the earth…Who formed my heart before I was born…” As the Spanish song goes.

If you are not familiarized with God’s Names, I encourage you to search in the Bible on its meanings and what He is revealing about Himself. Each of His Names is a guaranteed promise of Who He is and what He can do.

Finally, I invite you to share the “song He has placed in your heart” the one that only you can sing; why not starting with your own version of Psalm 23 to publish it in this blog.

Have you discovered the song that only you can sing? Have you  shared His voice through you? Ask Him to make you aware of it to share it.

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